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Tree Pruning

Staten Island Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a very important to us and our customers. Yet it should only be Tree Workers In Staten Islanddone when it’s absolutely needed.  A wrong cut to a branch could change the entire growth pattern of the tree.  So with that said, let’s start with common reasons as to why you may need or want to prune your tree(s).

  • Remove dead or decaying branches
  • Remove crowded or rubbing limbs
  • Increase structural support
  • Increase light penetration
  • Increase air penetration
  • To shape them into a more natural setting

When tree pruning be done in Staten Island

Contrary to popular belief, pruning can be accomplished during anytime of the year. But just as a tip, wound closure and regrowth is optimal right before spring starts. This maybe not valid for all trees. Remember there are huge amount of species that have different needs.  Certain types of trees such as maple may “bleed” if done right in the spring. This isn’t anything to worry about, it may be unsightly but it’s of no consequence to your tree.

We utilize a number of different Staten Island tree pruning techniques to finish the job.

Cleaning: We work to remove dead branches, bark and weak limbs.

Thinning: This is done to increase light and air penetration thru the center of the tree canopy.

Raising: Many customers request this, it means that we remove low hanging branches to make way for clearance underneath (people walking, objects, etc.)

Reduction:  This is the most serious of tree pruning services in Staten Island, Crown reduction is when we remove branches from the top of the tree – down to make clearance with objects such as power lines or even other trees.  If these branches are not removed it can become a serious safety hazard.

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