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Finding A Legit Stapleton, NY Tree Removal Company

You can trust Staten Island Tree Experts to remove any tree-any size. We have all of the past experience, equipment and safety knowledge to get the job done in any environment. Whether you need routine tree removal done or it’s an emergency, you can really depend on us.  We tend to educate our customers on tree removal whenever it comes up, some of the ground rules we start with are:

1)      Never, ever attempt to remove a tree by yourself, it can be extremely dangerous. You can seriously injure yourself and cause severe damage to the property around you.

2)      Never, ever hire an uninsured or inexperienced person or company to provide tree removal for you.  Chances are they have no idea what they’re truly doing. There are specific procedures and equipment needed to perform a tree removal, this is why most people (unless your dealing with a legitimate company) can’t perform a successful tree removal.

Our Stapleton Tree Removal Process

We send tree climbers up the tree with special safety equipment such as a harness and safety ropes.  Our tree worker will begin cutting piece after piece from the trunk down. Once they’ve reached a safe point, they make one final cut and remove the last bit of the tree. After we’re all done, our workers will begin removing your tree stump. It’ll look as though you never had a tree there in the first place!

Stapleton Inspections & Cleanups

We also offer other services that coincide with tree removal. These include hazardous tree inspections and storm tree damage cleanups. Both involve spotting trees that may be in danger of falling (weak support structures) or trees that may have fallen along with branches or leaves that need to be cleaned up. Whatever the case, you can call us anytime for prompt and professional service at (347) 394-6901 or fill out the contact form for a quick quote.

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