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Staten Island Tree ExpertsStaten Island Tree Experts are your go to choice for any type of tree or shrub services you need done for your home or business in Staten Island. We specialize in:

Our customers matter the most

We’ve been able to develop a great reputation throughout Staten Island due to our ever present focus on customer service. To be blunt, we really care about you and your trees. We’re also very good listeners. You’ll find that this is important especially since many of our customers have specific requests when it comes to services such as tree pruning. Our workers are very dedicated and they love what they do. With over ten years experience, we have kept on excelling at what we do. Whether it’s reading up on the latest procedures for tree & stump removal or purchasing new, modern equipment; we are an active Staten Island tree service company.

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Believe us, we’d love to give you pricing over the phone. It would only make our jobs that much easier! But we need to be able to see your tree(s) and what needs to be done.  We’d love to hear from you, so give us a call at (347) 394-6901 or fill out our simple contact form. Thanks for visiting Staten Island Tree Experts!

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